Master Projects Map Extents

Is this happening to anyone else? For some reason our main projects Map on the website continues to zoom extents incorrectly. Sometimes it zooms way too far out most likely because it is picking up something at origin off the west coast of Africa. This was happening a LONG time ago and seems to have returned. Now I am seeing a mix of that and it zooming in too far locally near where I am actually located at that given point in time. That makes more sense if it wants to show me what is in my immediate vicinity, but it zooms in way too much and what if I want to see the extents of all my projects related to the folder I am in?

One of my goals for this would be the ability to make a PDF of the master map with the projects named or annotated so we could utilize it for logistical purposes. @Anjanette_Hill @Jamespipe @Andrew_Fraser

Hi Michael - I suggest dropping the support team a message on this with a screenshot of what you are describing.


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