Massive Site

Hi All,

I am working on a massive site in Morocco 6km x 2km. It is an industrial zone and we would like to use the data that we generate through DD to create a textured site plan to us in 3dsMAX.

My three questions…
How high should we be flying to get the best resolution and details?
Is these and example of an industrial park that I can show the client?
Is there anything we should be aware of with regards to data size?

Thank you and looking forward to testing it in the field…


The first problem you are going to run into is that the size of the site is going to require more waypoints than what DroneDeploy can display so don’t be alarmed when you take off with you first battery and all the flight lines aren’t there. They will appear further after each battery swap. The next problem and probably worse for workflow is that DroneDeploy may not be able to export one map of that size. It will just give you an error that it is too large. I would suggest breaking it into smaller tiles that one or two batteries can cover but more importantly that you can maintain VLOS. Either way it depends on what you are flying with.

What drone and mobile device are you using? What is the main purpose of the mission?

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Hi there! Michael is on point here.
I would also consider planning the flight using a KML/SHP file to ensure you have coverage of the area you’re interested in mapping. This could expedite the planning process.

Hi Lindsey and Michael - thank you for your reply. Do you know of a drone pilot that can help us with this project in Morocco?

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Let me see if I can find one that is reputable. I know a few guys in Africa but they are more south central.

Amazing thank you Michael.

Do you have some details on the mission?


Yes, it is a site in Tangier, Morocco. The entire industrial zone indicated on this google map link needs to be covered.

Do either of these work?


Please see the section we need covered in blue.


Looks like a total area of about 3 km2. One of my contacts emailed me back this morning so I’ll discuss it with him today and see if it makes sense. Stay tuned!

PM’ing you some contact info.

Sounds good. Thanks Michael

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