Maps missing on iPad Mini 4

When I go to my DD dashboard in Safari on an iPad Mini 4, one of the completed maps (the most recent), is missing from the list.

The map appears fine on a Windows PC using Google Chrome.

Hi Tim,

Did you try closing and reopening the app?

I’m not using an app, I’m using Safari, but yes - I did close and reopen the browser. No change.


Gotcha. I believe you can install Chrome on Apple products (I have it on my iPhone in lieu of Safari). Perhaps that will work?

Hi Kara,

A bit more research shows that only missions that I actually flew, or have yet to fly, appear in either the browser, or the DroneDeploy app, on IOS devices.

Maps that I created by uploading images directly (without creating a mission) do not appear. Those maps only appear in web browsers on desktop machines like my iMac or PC.

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Ah, I see, thanks for sharing.

Is there any update on this? Is this expected behaviour, or is it a bug?

Hi Tim,

Not a bug, if it doesn’t show up a certain way, the iPad doesn’t have the processor to show it. Sorry!

So you’re saying that the iPad has the processor to display the original mission, but doesn’t have the processor to display the exact same mission uploaded as images?

Sorry, that doesn’t make sense. Still looks like a bug to me.

Sorry, I got this mixed up with another convo, I’d email to see what might be going amiss.