Mapping with an Mavic 2 Pro

I’m curious if anyone in here has done any large maps with a Mavic 2 Pro. Unfortunately, both of my P4 Pro drones have gimbal issues that won’t let me connect either of my RC units to them, so I have to use my M2 Pro if possible. I know that technically it can be done with the M2 Pro…but I’d love to hear from someone that has actually done any mapping with it. Partly because one of the maps I need to make is going to cover a couple of hundred acres with extensive terrain rises. Like from 0 to 1000 ft up or more.

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

Much more than 200 acres is going to be a big chore for an M2P but I don’t see why you couldn’t. It looks like it will take an hour to do 200 acres at 300ft AGL. I don’t know that I would completely trust TA with that much variation in elevation but you’re probably going to have several flights anyways so hopefully you can minimize it. Something to think about is that with that much change you are going to get a ton of waypoints added so you flight plans probably won’t show the entire plan until you finish a portion and do your battery swap. I think TA is still only available on iOS.

Hey Michael, good to hear from you. I’m living in TN now instead of the Bastrop area there in TX. Hence, having mountains! LOL

I have mapped everything out already and had tried to fly it last year…but the terrain feature turned off at some point and my P4 Pro crashed into a tree top and died in the ensuing collision with the tree and the ground.

I have the mission planned to where I’m at 400 ft above the terrain and that gives me plenty of room above the trees. Unfortunately, I only have 4 batts for my M2 Pro but that’s what the mission calls for, according to DD maps.

Would it be possible to share the route plan that I’ve got, and see what you think?

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For sure, send it on. It’s a shame we never got to hook up but let me know if you are ever in the area again.

Hmmm… not sure how to get you there. Email? Add you to the project? Haven’t done this before.

You should be able to go back to the dashboard and share it from the 3-dot menu.