Mapping: When property goes over the interstate

I have a job coming up that covers around 60 acres. Part of the property (that needs to be 1 image file) has a portion of interstate running through it.

I can’t fly over moving vehicles. How can I tell Drone Deploy to fly to either side of the interstate (still capturing the land for the one orthomosaic), but ensure it never directs the drone to fly over the lanes of traffic?

Hi. Create and fly a separate mission either side of the roadway, as close as you are permitted to get, and then upload the images from both missions into the same process. You’ll need to fly at a high altitude so that the drone’s field of view will be as wide as possible to compensate for the missing waypoint or two.

With any luck you shouldn’t see much of a loss in accuracy.

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Thanks JamesC. I was able to complete about half the mission on Sunday before I got interrupted by a thunderstorm. I’ll head back out once the cloud cover returns and report back on map building results. Thanks for the tip.

And for the record, I had to dissect it into 4 separate missions as the original said it couldn’t build the waypoints (which would be most helpful when I’m at the computer building out the mission rather than on site wasting battery trying to throw darts in the dark at what I think will fix the problem).

Did you ever figure out the waypoint issue?