Mapping Slope Movement


Im trying to get depth calculations from this image analysis using drone deploy and also project a future growth path for the gully, is this possible or am i just stretching it? Im also looking at presenting this with the measurements displayed within the image. can anybody help? Links to other similar work could be much appreciated. I would also be grateful if i could get more tips on how i can improve my study.Thanks

The main issue I would watch out for is water or homogenous patterns in the bottom of the gully/pond that will not model correctly. These will throw off you calculations. What exactly are you trying to track? I am not quite clear on the “growth path”. Is there erosion or is it manually being enlarged… etc.

Thank you for the response Micheal. This shows erosion and i want a better way to present it such that it shows the measurements on the image/diagram itself. On the growth path, the thinking is sort of projecting the gully’s growth trend i.e how will the gully look in ,for example, 2 years time. I have to do this for 10 sites. Please advise

Are you using any kind of Ground Control Points? This will be needed to do any kind of relativity tracking inside of DroneDeploy. A Cut/Fill visual is probably going to be the best visual for movement. You would be able to tell from the red and blue areas what has sloughed off and where it settled.

I have no GCPs. Can the cut fill visual be labelled within drone deploy? and please expand on the process of doing so

What plan are you on? I will have to double check but I think that the cut fill layer might be a plan level access.