Mapping over water is buggy

Mapping over water results in large spikes and troughs in the 3d map and elevation. I see in some other threads made about 9 months ago they are working on the problem. I wonder if there is any update on that progress of the fix? It’s pretty bad, I made a map of a dam that is under construction. The dam has a thin layer of rain water in it, makes the map unusable and I assume to throws out any calculations on volume, does it?

Would at least like to edit the 3d map and flatten the area for now but of course it needs to just be accurate in the longer term.

Mapping water is a very difficult problem in photogrammetry that isn’t solved in any software yet. The real solution is the ability to edit the resulting model or map itself to smooth over the water. This kind of issue will also happen when trying to map something that has a lot of reflective glass. If you map a car you can see it in the car windows quite often.

There are always improvements being made, but at the moment we are waiting stitching algorithms to catch up.

So there is no ability to edit a model?

You can edit your model. There are a lot of free and paid software for doing it. You can export your model from the export page into a few formats and then input into an editor.

Do you have any recommendations of free or low cost?

Blender is a popular free one.

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