Mapping camera

With the demise of the DJI 4s, what is the next best camera to use?

The Phantom 5, lol… If you’re staying in the prosumer range the P4 Pro still has the best camera for mapping. For some asinine reason the Mavic 2 Pro still has a rolling shutter and still can’t shoot 4k and 60fps. While the video is not a big deal to most people it still eludes to the fact that the famous “Hasselblad” integration is hype. The FOV on the M2P is also narrower meaning that you’ll either have to fly higher or at higher overlaps to get the same results of the P4P. I guess the extra portability means more to some people…

Thanks Michael,
I currently use the P4P and am looking to upgrade to the P4P RTK. There may be an opening to move into the M 210 using multi spectral cameras and would like the option to utilize the unit for mapping also. The only cameras I see are rolling shutter units.

What about the X4s? It has a mechanical shutter. Funny thing is though that the sensor and specs are almost identical to the P4P.

I’ve looked at the P4RTK myself and just can’t wrap my head around why I would spend that much money for a closed system GPS. I know the setup that I am using is not totally professional-looking, but it also works with other survey gear and costs a quarter of what the RTK does.

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Why do u say that?

It’s probably because DJI had an issue with a part supplier that slow down production and has since gone out of stock with several online sources so people are predicting that to mean that the line is being retired. There has been no official announcement by DJI, but nothing lasts forever especially in the world of electronics. I have no problem finding them, but I probably will buy one just to have a backup or two.

I’ve had 2 dji dealers (US) say that the p4p is no longer being manufactured. Whether or not that means the Phantom line is over or the P5 is on the horizon, who knows.