Mapping 3000 Hectares


I am looking to map a large area (3000 Hectares) of land and had a few questions as to what drone deploy plan I would need to map that big of an area, what would be the best drone to use that is compatible with your software, what the rough estimate of time needed to do that is with one drone and if multiple drones can map to a single drone deploy mapping project simultaneously (so can I use like more than one drone at the same time to help reduce the time it takes to map an area, maybe set on at one end fo the area and set another at the opposite side and have them meet in the middle).

Hi Glen! That’s allot of mapping! 3,000ha or 7,500ac is probably about 30k images so that would be the Enterprise account but even across other platforms there really isn’t an option that is going to handle it efficiently. I would recommend breaking it up into multiple missions and then creating a master map in something like QGIS. Managing each section in DroneDeploy or QGIS is the way to go because you get maximum performance and resolution whereas with a master map of 30k images you are going to lag no matter what software and hardware you have.

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