Map Tiles Not Loading for Hong Kong

I’ve been bugging DD for months about this, and its STILL NOT FIXED!!!

Large chucks of Western Hong Kong are not showing detailed satellite maps, in either the desktop app or the iOS flight app. This has been like this for months, and its NEVER FIXED!


This is not a problem with other mapping apps and services, why does DD have such an issue with this? What’s worse is – as a Dronedeploy reseller – its now costing me business. I have clients who want maps in this area and we can’t set them up accurately because the satellite maps are not there.

Here’s a typical example: go to 22.2796N 114.278E in Google Maps / Earth, then try and bring up the same location in DD… Nothing!

This really needs to be fixed. (screenshot example here):

We have been listening to yours and others feedback. This has been in progress for a long time now. We are hoping to release an update in the next couple months to solve this.


Sorry, but not good enough. This really needs to get fixed NOW, not the next couple of months. Its costing me potential business. Its not an issue in ANY other mapping app / service I’ve tried, so I don’t understand why its an issue here at DD. Switch to another map service if you can’t provide coverage with the current one.

We are switching to another mapping service. Google map tiles will be available. It’s a pretty significant amount of work, so it will take a bit of time.

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That is awesome and I am sure lots of people will be excited!

Have you tried creating a shapefile on Google Earth and using that to define your flight area? I have done this in areas that the DD maps were insufficient and my missions turned out well!

Thanks for this. Can you explain more? How do you create a shapefile, and then how do you bring it into DD?

Do you have to define the new flightplan in DD desktop first and add the shapefile? Or can you bring this shapefile into the iOS app straight?

I would start here:

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@dronesurvey we agree with you that this is a major issue. the timeline has been slower than we would have wanted ideally.

we’re working on improvements to both the background imagery, as @chasemgray said, and the flight planning. Thank you for bearing with us.

Hello Neema, I’m experiencing this same issue now on March 2017. Area where tiles are not loaded is tens of kilometers wide and shape of the area seems to be random. Could this issue be fixed somehow?

Here is one location of border:

Here is another location of the border: