Map projection issue with point cloud export (las files)

My map exports are coming out in the correct coordinate location … but my point cloud file export is way under scale and in the wrong location …when imported into Autocad 2017.
Also the Las file into Autodesk RECAP is horribly rotated and off location.
Any Ideas Please?

My point clouds come in good when I convert, within civil 3d, from the lat/ling/elevation WGS84 DD format to the FL State Plane East that I am working in. I had a lot of issues initially figuring out how to get everything working right in Civil 3D…

Thanks Dragonfly
I’m using C3D and adding a point cloud (LAS FILE) through the Prospector.
Could you explain the C3D procedure please?
I’m missing something …
Regards Ross

Take a look at the following link and let me know if your still having trouble:

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The step by step approach is a great tool to get the data imported. However, I am having a different problem all together with the LAS file that was generated by DD from some imagery I collected recently…

The Nadir (top down) view of the point cloud looks great, but when I use the 3D orbit to visualize the point cloud from a different perspective my points are not anywhere close to the same elevation. I have tried Civil 3D, Trimble Realworks, and Cloud Compare software applications to visualize the LAS file, and I am getting the same result with all 3 different platforms. Anyone else having this issue?