Map Processing Reports

Has anyone else noticed some strange accuracies reporting in the new report? I had a map yesterday where I forgot to change the coordinates of a GCP and the report was not indicitave of a missed tagging. I only noticed it when the CAD Overlay would not line up. This is what a report is supposed to look like when you miss making it completely apparent. This tagging was only about 10ft off.

Here’s the one I missed yesterday. This one was 40ft off. Something’s not jiving.

Here is after I fixed it.

SFM Image RMSE’s seem to be all over the place as well. I guess this can be expected without RTK/PPK since I haven’t used it in a couple of weeks, but it’s normally fairly consistent around 6-10ft in all axis.

Bad SFM of first 10ft mistagging - Very unlikely to be within 1ft on X…

Bad SFM from yesterday’s 40ft mistagging. This looks normal for non-PPK

From yesterday’s after fixing the GCP