Map Name Now Buried in Project

Since Drone Deploy has changed how you navigate maps within a project to date-based the map name is buried in the details. This makes locating maps troublesome. Here’s the example of a situation.

I had a project that I had another set of photos from a different mission. I uploaded the photos and names the map with a name I could easily identify, like “South Area Only” after it is processed, the name of the map in the drop down is the date of the photos were taken as read from the image file EXIF data. I actually couldn’t remember the date the photos were taken. The image file dates happened to be the date the files were uploaded to the cloud storage I use. So I couldn’t easily glance at the date on one of the image files. Not knowing the Map name I assigned was buried under Map Details, I had to read the EXIF data of one of the files to find which date matched.

Even now that I know I can find the map name in map details, it’s cumbersome to find the right map by going through all the maps and looking at the map details to see the name I assigned the map. In addition, if you upload photos for different maps that were taken on the same date, this is the only way to distinguish them reliably. If you have many maps going back months with some maps having photos taken on the same date, this turns into a bit of a nightmare to navigate your maps.

DD should provide the option to toggle the map selection dropdown between date and name.

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You can change between name and last modified? Ascending and descending.