Map Mission failure to continue after battery change

I think I discovered a bug within Drone Deploy???

I was preforming a Map Mission that required multiple batteries, and after the first battery was depleted the drone returned home as expected. I replaced the battery and pressed the “Continue Mission” button. Drone Deploy went through its pre-flight checklist and failed during the map plan phase. The error message indicated that the next waypoint was too close to the previous one. I pressed the retry at least 10 times all to no avail. This repeated failure prevented the mission from completing and I had to cancel the entire process. I was forced to restart the mission from the beginning with hopes that at the next battery change the waypoints would be far enough away to continue smoothly. Which turned out to be the case. However, when this occurred I was 30 mins. into the mission with over 400 pictures taken and having to start from scratch is something I would not like to repeat.

I’m thankful this wasn’t a 4 battery mission and having a similar failure after battery #3.

Definitely happening.