Map is out of square

Has anyone ever had a problem with a map being out of square after processing. Below is a test site we use for customer demos that was re-flown and compared to a map last year. I have a support ticket open, but I was wonder if anyone else has seen the same issue, and if so what did you do to fix it.

Never seen a skew like that unless the GCP’s were bad or tagged incorrectly. If you don’t use GCP’s you will see a shift, but I can’t think of a reason why this would happen besides bad geotagging of the images. Even then the processing should visually stitch correctly.

Have you tried reprocessing?

We could create some rough GCP’s from the original map to use in reprocessing if a normal one doesn’t work?

Thanks Michael - You help is always appreciated. I have not jumped into GCP’s yet. Most of my work is roof inspection, but I think I am going to give it a try after reading one of your former post. The rough GCP from the original map sounds very interesting.

I also have not tried reprocessing. I wanted to give support an opportunity to research and make sure it was not a bug. Do you know of a way to reprocess without having to do a new upload?

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Not a problem, I too am interested in what happened. I don’t think it is necessarily what I would consider a bug, but a glitch. A manual new upload is what I would try. It depends on what you intent is, but I would try both terrain and structure modes if you are just looking for a good 2D images and not necessarily tight 3D grades. If you want to PM me your info we can setup a quick phone call to talk about Rough GCP’s.

Hi there!

I took a look at the image inclusion of this map and I noticed a few images with quite a bit of horizon that may have been confusing the 3D algorithm. In removing these and reprocessing in 3D mode, the map looks much closer to reality:

I’ll go ahead and share this project with you on that support ticket Paul.

Thank you,
DroneDeploy Support

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Thanks Lindsey,

I now see that I accidentally upload a few images in the model that were meant for a photo report. Thanks for the catch. That is an easy user error to fix going forward.