Map Exporting Quality for Agremo(AgriSens) Related analysis

I recently started to upload analysis requests to Agremo through Drone Deploy. Previously I was uploading the maps to the Agremo website and then making the requests as needed. When I exported the map off of Drone Deploy, I would make sure that it was .8in/px(as the higher the quality the file the better the analysis tends to be). When i made the analysis requests on Drone Deploy, it would default to 2in/px files that it would send to Agremo.

So, my question is: Can you change the quality of the file that is uploaded to Agremo for analysis requests on the Drone Deploy app?

Hi @trent,

Please reach out to Agremo for further assistance with your issue. You can do so by sending an email over to


Hi Trent,

You can’t actually change the quality that is sent to Agremo via the integration. It all depends on what the original, source quality of your imagery is anyways. If it isn’t up to 0.8in/px in the source imagery then it won’t translate to that in the export.

Agremo may have chosen to pull maps from DroneDeploy at 2in/px for a reason, however. It would probably be best to reach out to them directly, which you can do via their App Market listing inside the DroneDeploy app by opening their listing and going to the “Support” tab.

Hope this helps!
Ian Smith

Thanks Ian,

I have just been exporting the maps off of drone deploy and uploading them to Agremo’s app on their website. It is definitely another step before getting the analysis done that i need, but I only need to do it one time for each map.

It would be helpful if there was a hybrid drone deploy app that allowed for easier use of Agremo’s analysis options.

Have a good day,