Map Engine results 2 - IMAGE INTENSIVE THREAD

Sorry for another image-intensive thread!

This is a continuation of the discussion here

For comparison I’m using a DJI Inspire 1 with the X3 camera with, in this case, the standard lens (no ND filter) and manual camera setup. Due to the required flight characteristics the mission is not flown in DroneDeploy. In this case the orbits were flow in AFL and the grid in MME. This was to provide the required granular control of height and overlap around the tall structure and orbital helter-skelter path. The mission was flown at around 7kts with a 2 second / shot camera, which is as quick as the SD card allows. The resultant flightpath looks like this:

The structure is a 90’ granite monument to local miners built between 1757 and 1835 atop a 650’ high neolithic hill fort dating from 3700 BC and it’s full of interesting, fun and challenging things to throw a bit of SFM math at, so we considered it a good test for this.

The flightpath resulted in 291 images of which 144 were nadir and 147 were oblique at 45° camera angle. The results were processing in Pix4D and DroneDeploy. Processing took about the same amount of time on both platforms, but I have a good workstation. DroneDeploy processing was done as a Structure in Map Engine.

Following is a comparison of Pix4D and DroneDeploy output. Pix4D is first in each case…


If you want to know what it really looks like see here.

Map is here


From what I see, there is still room for improvement in the DD algorithm for 3D.
How can you get a 2 second / shot in your Inspire 1 camera? Mine is Phantom 3 Professional but minimum is 5 sec/shot, so I must fly slower.
I use Android so my only test alternatives are DroneDeploy and Pix4D

You can adjust your overlap settings in the version coming out today so if you want to use sd you can.

Thanks for the comparisons. From what I can see the texture is the biggest difference in the pix4d model. A proper comparison would be to export the model and upload it to an online viewer. We have to currently reduce texture and model size so it doesn’t crash everyone’s browsers. We are also looking into alternative web viewing systems as well.

Aside from that we are also still doing some improvements for texture and model quality that should improve it even with the current viewer.

I’m also interested in 3D modeling of properties-both under-construction, and after. I have yet to try this technique. I’ve done a few DSM’s, and they came out pretty good.
Also-I understand at this point there still isn’t any IOS software.
I’ve found with the Phantom 3 Pro, that instead of using the self-timer option(5 seconds), that you just push the shutter button manually, at 2 second intervals, plus/minus. That’s the way I’ve created a few maps. It’s tedious, but it works.

As for DSM’s with just Nadir, I wish there was an IOS solution.

And, for viewing of 3D models, I’m also curious as to a viewing solution to the end user. I use Firefox. But-I’m wondering if Silverlight(microsoft), or some other browser plug-in could be utilized to view the full 3D image?

I believe this browser capability exists-I’ve seen it. Just can’t remember where.
Looking forward to more examples of 3D models-as this is the only 1 I could find on the site.

Here you go

This is the Pix4D model exported to Sketchfab at default resolution. (4096x4096)

Here is a high res version of the same

I also reprocessed this using Terrain instead of Structure. As expected it looses a little in the vertical axis…


I am fairly new to all this here and would like to ask how I can upload larger files than 50mb to sketchfab?
I made a model which is a bit over 400mb with DD and thus I can´t view it nor upload it.

any help / explanation would be greatly appreciated.

Did you upload the model to sketchfab manually or did you allow DroneDeploy to do it? A 3D model should get generated whenever you make a map with DroneDeploy.

I did it through dronedeploy :slight_smile: worked like a charm. I did make an account but was not able to upload it because it is a 148mb - sorry I recalled it wrong in my first post not 400.mb.
I would like to know if point cloud is available for me in export (haven´t seen it) and if yes how do I get access to it. what I mean is, which map do I have to start planning in to be able to export in that format.

I believe sketchfab’s free account limits you to 50MB uploads, so you would have to upgrade your account there to be able to upload larger models. Alternatively you can share the 3D model you see on the DD data page.

You can download the point cloud from the data page - just go to the 3d model, then click on the export button and you should be able to select point cloud for the export type.

yes the free account only gives you only 50 mb but I did not see a possibility to upgrade anywhere on the page. maybe I missed something.
anyways I sorted it out with the DD version :slight_smile: thank you.
Oh and the Point cloud does work now. I did not have it before though. - strange. :smile: