Map did not get created

So I uploaded a series of pictures (just under 500) taken on a 300acre property and uploaded just like previous aerial photos. However, when I received the e-mail saying my map was done, there was only a very small portion of the aerial map produced in one corner. This happened to be the corner where the app stopped working and I had to fly manually and take pictures manually to finish it. I used .jpg files, the flight was flown at 300ft above hilly terrrain, starting at the highest point. I am using the free version of DD, so I used my whole monthly allotment for one file, and didn’t get anything usable. I had 50% front and side overlap with speed at 34mph (this was my mistake and not noticed until I started looking at data to find out why map didn’t work). Even though the speed is fast, the pictures turned out really good. I had to adjust down the overlap to stay under 500 picture limit. Any ideas on how to resend the files and make this map work?