Map Date is being taken from the Plan Creation Date, Not Image Date


I created a plan several days ago. I did not fly the plan and upload images until today.
DroneDeploy does not update the date of the created map to match the date/time of the image data.
It seems like this should be the desired behavior.
It might be helpful to offer a properties editor for the map to fix things like this.


Hi Steve,

We appreciate you reporting this discrepancy. That’s definitely odd and not the intended behavior. Can you please email us at with the name of the map as well as the correct date? We can manually change it from there.


Hi Stephanie,

Here’s a link to the map in question:
I included it’s date in the map name: 2017-06-20-13-37 - 4 Peaks Map

I suspect there are more maps in my collection that have similar issues.