Map Creation via Waypoint

Howdy folks,
When I am in the middle of nowhere Texas without so much as even a cell-phone signal, I would love to be able to create flight plans on location. Now I know what you’re going to say, “Just download the basemap ahead of time” and that is a very good solution. BUT, sometimes I need to fly a very specific area, where boundaries can’t be determined by looking at an outdated, low-res aerial map of Nowhere, TX.

I’d love to be able to throw the little Mavic up, run it out to a point, set Waypoint, run it out to the other, set Waypoint, etc. etc.

Any hopes of this soon or am I missing a plugin?

@Adam_Carp, shouldn’t we be able to create offline and have it sync when we are in range?

txdroneco, up here in middle of nowhere Texas’s Big Brother Alaska. lol… I think I have the same situation, some of the places I go are so site specific. Drone Deploy would Rock the competition by allowing us to Create a flight plan as we fly. The need to replicate the same flight over and over during the year or years is very desirable. PS I have searched for this option everywhere… from ground station software to DJI third party programmers to no avail. ICN3D

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You can use Litchi to record waypoints as you fly and then a quick trip though Google Earth and you can build a mission by importing a .kml into Map Pilot. Fairly straight forward.

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I don’t normally see this problem since I tend to fly tracts and site specific projects, but sometimes I will start a flight then immediately take control so I can fly around a bit to see the points on the map. Then I just come home, land and create the actual flight plan. I keep one battery set aside just for things like this and free-flights. You can also run a high-altitude, low-overlap Live Map and then plan directly on that. Plus you can still use those images in the final map if you want.

Yes, this should work. I recommend using the ‘Save’ button in the bottom right in the more ‘edge’ scenarios such as these.

I tried editing an existing map with airplane mode on, and then refreshed my desktop dashboard after taking it off airplane mode, and it updated properly.

I also just tried to create a new map and that also worked. While offline and before reaching our servers, it says ‘Upload queued. Waiting for internet’. After taking it off airplane mode and selecting the map, it updated my browser version correctly after a refresh.

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