Map at address

Whenever I go to my Dashboard to create a new mapping mission, it starts from my current physical location. When I’m in the field, I use my laptop connected via my cell phone’s hotspot to create missions on the fly. When I access my Dashboard using this method Google/Chrome/DD obtains my location from the cell phone carrier, and at times it has my location as hundreds of miles from where I’m actually located. This also happens when I sit at my desktop in my office and create maps in advance before heading out for the day, I have to scroll through the map to find where I want to fly a mapping mission.

Could we please have a feature where we can type in a physical address in the “Search” bar or somewhere else in the UI to open the map at that address?

Trying to click and drag the default new map a few hundred miles is a real pain.

Thank you.

I always type in a local town or zip code in the Search bar and it goes right there close to where I want it. Does that not work for you?

The search bar located at the top left of the DD dashboard only searches the DD dashboard for me.


Create a new flight plan and search from within that.

I think that is what he is doing. I am guessing on the free plan? It has not received the UI updates yet.