Manually enter GPS coordinates to add location marker

The company I’m with needs to place location markers on the map to highlight hazards at exact GPS locations. Right now, the only option I have to get the job done is to stick all the gps info into google earth, create a PNG, and use the woefully inaccurate overlay feature in drone deploy to add the markers on top.
It seems like it would be a simple enough app to make since all the GPS info is displayed when you click a spot but I’ve yet to see something pop up on the app market.
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Hello @Max_Eastman

Thanks for reaching out. As much as that feature would sound very useful, we currently do not support it. I would make sure I pass this feature request on to our product team. With enough requests, we can put this on our roadmap. Thanks.

Just curious why your overlays are so inaccurate? We put CAD file overlays in our maps and objects measure very accurately. Do you have good control points for the positioning? How accurate are you needing?

Right now, png is the only overlay I can get and lining up the corners of a map isn’t always perfect if the map is awkward shaped.
Are you loading a CAD file directly into your map?

No, I “print” (export) the CAD file as a PNG or PDF and use the two point alignment. You have to have good common points. If you aren’t able to line up your overlays well enough to meet your needs I would suggest using qgis and learning to create points. It’s really not that hard, just takes a little learning and you’ll be a pro.

Here’s a fairly easy to watch video that will give you a little clue of what qgis is about, GIS map making which we are in the business of collecting data for. There are a lot of good videos for beginning with qgis as well.

Yes, there’s a multitude of other programs that make adding points via gps painless (I used civil 3d) but I want to give the customer 1 link with all the info they need. I add the location markers in drone deploy and add high-res, close up pictures taken with another camera in the comments.
Working with a software developer on an app solution!

That does raise a good point though. Why not allow for another geotiff as an overlay? That way the image lines it’s self up via gps in the meta data.

Thanks for the info!:slight_smile:

Well, if use Civil 3D then it’s easy. Same thing that I do with Carlson. You can even bring a Google Earth image into civil 3D with included features.

thaats too bad!!! i really need this

Yeah me too, this would change my entire workflow for the better.

Thanks for the feature suggestion. Hopefully, in the future, we can roll this out and have this in our product roadmap!


Even better than manual entry of GPS coordinates would be the ability to batch-import annotation points using the EXIF data from a JPG. That is, rather than adding ground imagery to an annotation marker manually, why not create the markers using the georeferencing on a set of pictures?
This would really add a lot of value for crop scouting.


Do any of these features exist yet?

I need to manually add GPS coords to the annotation report.


It would be a great feature fo me too ! :slight_smile:


Has there been any movement on this? You can edit markers in google earth why can’t we do it in DroneDeploy?