Manual Upload Shrinkwrap

When doing a manual upload because the mission completion broke or I flew with a non-DroneDeploy flight software we have to manually establish a perimeter. I would be nice if the system could recognize the photos and shrinkwrap a perimeter with an offset of 5-10ft. Long winding roadways and trails are a pain in the rear.

I suffered the same problem today Michael although I may have found a way around it. It might have been a fluke so I can only share my findings.

I had to ‘reset’ the mission to allow me to get to another within the same project whilst out in the field today. Regardless which mission I was in thereafter I was repeatedly faced with a prompt to complete the first mission and as a result was not able to trigger a prompt to upload the images to any mission when I got back to the office.

I was provided the opportunity to edit the the two missions in the project once back on the PC but it was as if I had never flown them. Not even the Live Map was there to view under the Explore tab. I knew it existed because I’d received the email notification letting me know it was ready but it wasn’t there. I went back to the email, clicked on the Live Map link to and hey presto, it opened up under the project’s Explore tab. Now that the Live Map appears under the Explore tab, I’m now given the opportunity to upload the images under that original Mission.

Like I said, I’m only guessing how it’s all come about but being able to upload the images under the original mission definitely came after clicking the Live Map email link. It wasn’t there before.

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That makes sense. Sounds like running Live Map might create a marker as if the mission was completed. I do not normally use Live Map, but I will have to try that next time. I typically hop through 2-4 different flight plans so the drone never lands until they are all done. Sometimes I even jump out and go to Litchi, but now that we have Pano and Video that is becoming less the case.

Exactly the same. It’s in trying to conserve precious battery power and using the remains of the battery in other apps without landing that I find myself with this issue. It used to work fine and I think went wrong when the project thing came into play. There really needs to be a button to confirm the mission has been completed and trigger the upload prompt.

When clicking on Explore back in the office, the Live Map definitely wasn’t there at first. It wasn’t and it bothered me, but after clicking on the email link to open the Live Map in trying to find it, it magically appeared and opened under the Explore tab. That’s when the ability to upload appeared.

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Good catch! I’ll pin this for a little bit and create a link in the other thread similar to this subject.

Still interested in this. It’s not going to be allot of fun to manually enclosing 10 miles of roadway. :disappointed:

…and yes they did cut their woods like that…