Manual Multi-Flight

Until we get functionality to stage multi-flight missions could we consider a “Mission Complete” button that would allow us to manually fly without having to come home, but that would not break the mission showing up for upload. It would be even more desirable if it would also allow us to go back to the Fly tab for that project so that we can start another flight without having to force-close the app. This method may actually be more desirable than an auto multi-mission because things can change while in the air and it maybe better to make those decisions on the FLY. :laughing:


+1 for a simple “consider mission complete” option.

Yes please. Such an obvious thing to have.

Quite often I want to interrupt a mission to make better use of the battery but am unable to. I try but end up battling with the app with the drone up in the air, using twice as much power than had I just left it alone.

Needless to say I’ve given up trying but would very much welcome an ‘Mission Complete’ button.

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Another +1

Having to land or force close the app means multiple flight logs too.


@AlexHennessey, just making sure you saw this… I am consistently running 3-4 different missions per job now. Nice thing is that I can do them all in DroneDeploy - which is awesome, but it would be 1000% percent better if I could go back to the Fly pane. I don’t even necessarily need a button. Flipping to S-Mode is actually preferred because it is much quicker and intuitive in the case of a crisis, but the option to resume and/or go back to flight planning would make your solution much more seamless.


Hi Guys,

Happy to hear about the enthusiasm about this possible feature. Making the flying process as seamless as possible is certainly a priority for us. All I can say is that we have some exciting new features coming in 2019 to further improve the flight experience :wink:.

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This shouldn’t be considered a feature request. It’s criminal that it was omitted. It used to work fine until the new look was released.

I do hope these new features include the many fixes that are needed. A seamless simple app (as it was) is more valuable than an unfinished and bugged app full of features that don’t work properly.

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We have never been able to stop a mission mid-flight and go back to the planning (fly) pane. Also, there are 3 more major mission types than there use to be so it’s not the same. Hard to create a feature for something that doesn’t exist.

We also used to be able to stop a mission whenever or wherever, exit the app, go into Go4, do whatever, return to DD, start a new mission without completing the old etc.

Trying to think what major mission types there are. If you are referring to the automated photo or video records, despite my best efforts and many hours of battling with the app and the DD team, they more or less said it wasn’t a priority for them to tweak the app to take the pictures in focus. For now I have to carry out workarounds to ensure the main mission takes the pictures in focus.

It’s not good and frustrating that new features are concentrated on without fixing the buggy original ones.

The one thing that has improved is the accuracy of the maps. Obviously I’ve become more experienced, but the 3d models have become much more reliable. One thing I have put it down to is that I am no longer restricted to uploading 500 images under ‘Structures’ so no longer do I have to upload them using ‘Terrain’. Some of what I have produced in recent weeks I have been very impressed with, but I have to say in each situation I have to implement workarounds.

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I have always been able to stop a mission at will and can still do so. The point of this topic is to be given the ability to do that and then go directly back to the fly pane and start a new mission without having to cycle DroneDeploy. The current mission types that were not existent before the new interface are Progress Report, Pano and Video.

What drone are you flying? I have never had focus issues unless I was flying when I probably shouldn’t have.

I agree, the 3D capability and viewing continues to get better. EXCEPT FOR THEM JUST SWITCHING THE NAVIGATION METHOD IN THE 3D VIEWER! @Anya @Jamespipe @Yusuf @AlexHennessey… I may need to make a new topic for that…

I’m struggling to get to grips with that Michael. Couldn’t understand the reason for it as the previous 3D navigation method appeared to mirror other software and browsers. No idea why that’s recently changed but it’s not for the better.

Before the new project interface thing, I was able to come and go as I pleased between missions, but now I am almost forced to absolutely finalise a mission automatically before it recognises I have indeed finished. You will recall we previously discussed this at length.

I’m still flying my trusty MP which to be honest can’t fault, other than the DD focusing issues. All I asked for was a tweak to the Progress Report interface to allow us to override the focus in the same way we can with the main mission but it was too much to ask and without it it render the PRs useless and redundant. On the basis the Pano and Video don’t carry the manual focus override toggle either, I haven’t even worried myself with them. It can’t focus automatically so there is no point trying.

As stated above, it would be great to be able to continue one mission straight after another but in having to focus with each altitude change etc, I don’t think it’s something that would work for me. Would save a shed load of battery if I could though.

Like I said, fix the bugs like the ‘end mission button’ and ‘focus toggle’ and I’d be happier about the new features but as it stands I am unable to use them so there’s nothing for me to get excited about.

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