Manual Multi-Flight

Until we get functionality to stage multi-flight missions could we consider a “Mission Complete” button that would allow us to manually fly without having to come home, but that would not break the mission showing up for upload. It would be even more desirable if it would also allow us to go back to the Fly tab for that project so that we can start another flight without having to force-close the app. This method may actually be more desirable than an auto multi-mission because things can change while in the air and it maybe better to make those decisions on the FLY. :laughing:


+1 for a simple “consider mission complete” option.

Yes please. Such an obvious thing to have.

Quite often I want to interrupt a mission to make better use of the battery but am unable to. I try but end up battling with the app with the drone up in the air, using twice as much power than had I just left it alone.

Needless to say I’ve given up trying but would very much welcome an ‘Mission Complete’ button.

Another +1

Having to land or force close the app means multiple flight logs too.