Manual Camera Settings



My personal thoughts are that you should work with automatic settings until you get a few maps completed and get some experience with the drone and software. My first maps were done this way and were quite good. My procedure is obviously more complicated and I have found that, as you gain experience and become more comfortable with the basic flight procedures then you will be able to concentrate on more advanced settings.

The biggest two things you can do to get consistent results is to fly higher than you are tempted too (at least 175’ and 250 or so is even better - you even get surprising detail at 350) and to avoid including big expanses of treetops or other homogenous vegetation. I set my geofence to exclude expansive wooded areas where I can.




HI Steve.

Thanks again for your advice.

I’ve been flying my drone for a few months now and am happy with my skills as a pilot and have no issues taking it up and away. For the mapping I’ve deliberately kept the drone low to help achieve the highest visual results - trying to impress my employer. I am relatively new at photography however but just about know if enough to get by using the manual settings through Go4. I only ventured into the manual settings for DD because the results from first two flights using automatic settings were so bad. Whereas I’m capable of operating the camera through both the automatic and (just about) manual camera modes, for battery saving only (through not having to pull cables and force app closures having set the camera up whilst airborne), it would help me significantly by relying on the automatic offering.

The weather is not the best at the moment as half of the world are hearing about at the moment, but will be out to try again soon enough. What i am a little anxious about is the length of time I’ve used up of my trial whilst battling with the bugs.

Thank you for the tips re trees etc. I have found vast areas of vegetation missing from the processed 2d image which is disappointing on my current project. Lol, the purpose of the map is to illustrate how much of the land is tree’d and missing tiles sn’t something I envisaged.


Hi @JamesC,

Please let us know if you experience any issues once you’re able to fly again on the latest app version. We’re here to help if you’re having trouble.



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