Manual Camera Settings Help

Good morning! I am currently running a Mavic Pro with a Samsung Note 4. My images seem to be really blown out and I realize that I need to set the camera up manually. I have tried following some of the suggestions in previous posts concerning this, however, I am not able to switch over to the DJI Go app in order to change my camera settings. It seems things get a little locked up and I will eventually need to restart everything, while in the process, it’s killing my battery life. I understand that utilizing an iPad Mini 4 would greatly enhance the experience, but I am in the middle of the free trial and there is no way I can get my hands on one at the moment. I really want to see if Drone Deploy will suit my needs. Thanks for any help!!

You can only have one flight app open at a time - so for the time being killing one app and opening the other is mandatory. They cannot share the USB connection.

Thanks for replying! I understand that but that is where I am getting hung up. I can’t seem to open the Go 4 app after Drone Deploy comes up. It seems like I have to reboot everything in order to get into the Go 4 app. Please provide the proper way to switch between the 2 apps. I would really appreciate it! But I may have to break down and get an iPad Mini 4 sometime soon.