M3E RTK Module

Hi all, Is there any indication for when the M3E starts logging the raw data when using the RTK module?

I’ve done around 15 very successful maps so far with the M3E and RTK module (I use PPK), but my last map, the data wouldn’t process through Emlid Studio. Their tech team thinks that the MRK file showed the first photo was taken before the drone had started logging.

Never had this before. I do usually wait a few minutes after drone start up before I start a mission.

Just wondering if anyone else has had a similar issue?



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Have you tried testing it? The logs should start as soon as the GNSS has initialized. I believe the DJI system requires 7 but I am not 100% certain on the M3E when RTK is turned on. I’ll check it out the next time I put it up.

Thanks Michael,

I don’t use an RTK network. I just take the raw GNSS data that the module collects in flight and saves to the memory card. I then Process those files with my Base Rinex logs to get the accuracy.

Always been spot on, just this one instance when, perhaps, I didn’t leave it logging for long enough before I started the flight?

Always appreciate your input,


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