M3E File Naming When Starting at Non-1 Starting Point

The file naming conventions for the M3E are VERY helpful. Knowing which shots are related to which waypoint is hugely helpful! Two requests:

  1. It would be great if this feature were implemented for all drones, not just the M3E.
  2. After a battery change or if a flight is otherwise not starting at the first waypoint, it would be great if the file naming referenced the correct waypoint in the flight rather than starting from 1 again.

Usually, I don’t need to know which shots go with which waypoints, but today I really needed to know. I had something weird happen at one site that required me to figure out which shots related to which waypoints.

When resuming a flight after a battery swap, the mission “continued” but started one row too late. It essentially skipped an entire row. Fortunately, I caught it as it was happening. I let it finish, but then I changed the starting waypoint to cover a little earlier in the flight and had it refly. So the waypoint labels in filenaming starting with the continuation after the battery swap started at 1. Then when I restarted the flight again starting from an earlier waypoint before the skipped row, the filenaming again had the waypoints starting from 1. It would have been much easier to see the missing shots based on the missing row of waypoints and to pick them out of the sequence.

Related to this request, wouldn’t it be great if when you look at the pictures in the controller, you could also see the file names with the waypoints? But since the viewing is part of Pilot 2, that’s a DJI issue, not a DroneDeploy issue.

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