M210 RTK Bug

Summary of Issue
Drone Deploy Incorrectly Reported “Mission Complete, would you like to upload your 13 images?” Whilst the 210 was only on it’s first line of about 15. Unable to see any telemetry etc, drone continued to fly the mission, had to manually take control.
Date Issue Began:
Drone Model:
Mobile Device Model and OS version:
Ipad Air IOS 10.xx
DroneDeploy App Version:
Whatever the 2nd latest one was

Updated IOS and DD App, will try again tomorrow.

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Hi @Captain_Salty,

Thanks for swinging by the DroneDeploy forum. We currently do not officially support the DJI M210 RTK, which means that we haven’t tested out our software and services on this model to ensure that it works as intended. Since it is not officially supported we cannot guarantee that it should work without issue. I suggest taking a look at our Supported Drones page to see what is currently supported.


Is it the original Air or V2? The first part is clear, but I have never seen the software offer to upload unless you were running Live Map? Any reason in particular why you are still on iOS 10?