Lume Cube Strobe

Hello all,

I came across a new anti-collision strobe from Lume Cube (see link below) and am interested in adding to my P4P as an extra safety measure. I was wondering if anyone has any experience with strobes and whether they would affect photos in daylight conditions. I would place it on top of drone for maximum visibility and am inclined to think it should not affect exposure, especially at that location. Any input would be appreciated.



I have the regular LED Light and have never experienced any issues, but I have only run under a night waiver twice. With full light and in a regular mapping scenario the camera would be nadir (straight down) so there shouldn’t be any ill effects. If you are in low-light conditions and running oblique photos then it’s possible, but I would think unlikely.

Thanks for input Michael. Those were exactly my thoughts. We have a lot of helicopter traffic here and they have caused me some concern more than once. I’m thinking any device to make the drone more visible is a good thing and this one looks convenient and inexpensive. I’m ordering today and will post my findings once I give it a try.


You might look into reflective tape as well. 3M preferably. They have different colors and you could get creative with them. That might be more beneficial in daylight. Additionally it would really pop with the strobe in darker conditions. Just search Amazon for “3m reflective tape”.

3M Blue Reflective

Update on Lume Cube Strobe. The strobe does work as advertised and does not seem to affect daylight photography at all. With that said. I’m not sure that its visibility is going to be much of a benefit in daylight. It is quite bright but in full daylight I’m not sure that it will be visible beyond a couple hundred feet. Still, if a helicopter crosses your path it might provide the pilot with just enough warning to avoid a collision so I will continue to use it. Since I have it mounted to the top of my P4P I cannot see it at all once it is off of the ground so it is of no use for visual tracking in daylight. I’m sure it would be a big plus in twilight or night time operations but I only fly in daylight.

FYI, I did have to relocate my FAA required drone ID card to the front of my P4P since I wanted to mount the the strobe on top. For the P4P it appears that a top mount is the only practical location for the strobe. Other locations are too curved for the adhesive to stick well and/or I expect would affect camera exposure.

The stobe mounts with a 3M adhesive patch that has a modified hook and loop system for easy removal (each half stays on the drone or strobe respectively). This allows for easy removal for charging with USB. Charge seems to last plenty long (stated 4 hours if I remember correctly and I have no reason to doubt it).

One last note: it turns on and off by simply pushing down on top. Nice and simple but I found I have to
remove before closing my case or the pressure from the foam padding will turn it on.

All in all, not what I hoped for brightness in full sun but I will continue to use it as it might provide a last minute visual for aircraft if things really go bad. Hopefully, it will never get tested in an emergency situation.