Low level mapping

Hey, I am interested in doing some low level mapping. In particular at about 30 to 45 ft. The reason is landscape design, grading, elevation changes for irrigation calculations (head pressure) and before and after landscape design. In my case there is a canopy of large 60 to 100 ft. trees with a more open under story that can be flown. So mapping from normal heights (150+) wont work but I could manually fly the under-story and snap a photo every 3 sec or something. Would this work in Dronedeploy?

Hi Tim, I have had trouble getting accurate results for volumetrics flying as low as 55’. I’ve Been fighting it in a variety of ways with flight patterns, GCps and more to no avail. Maps look great but my measurements were always off.

Thanks for the reply, I am less concerned with volume and more interested in elevation and distance. Also is it as easy as manually flying it and up loading all the photos to be stitched together? My trial ran out but I was able to do the flight at 180ft. but that was all on Drone deploy auto. Just wondering if there are any extra steps…

Thanks for any help or insight.