Low battery, Critical battery settings static?

I searched everywhere but can’t find a topic about this:

How can i set the low battery warning and critical battery warning in dronedeploy or anywhere else that would have an effect on drone deploy’s default low battery and critical warning settings ?

No matter what i do in DJI go, the low battery warning always comes on at 34% in drone deploy using a p3p and not long after that the aircraft starts to RTH, even though the settings in dji go is set to 20% low battery warning and 10% critical battery warning,

Many a times i do line of sight flights while on the move so can really use the extra flight time as the drone is always just about right next to the vehicle when it’s time to bring it back and land so i don’t nedd at 34%/30 threshold setting

i am using IOS on an apple ipad.

Is there absolutely no way to change this ?

I understood those warnings etc. were carried across from whatever’s set in DJI Go 4. If you’ve set them in Go4 and they are not working properly, I don’t think the problem is with DD.

The other thing, I don’t think the P3P is supported anymore and might explain why your settings are behaving weirdly.

Hi @CeeJay,

What @JamesC mentioned is correct. These settings can be adjusted in the DJI Go app. Can you share more details on the following?

  1. Drone firmware version
  2. DroneDeploy app version
  3. iPad model and iOS version
  4. When this issue began

For your reference, here is a list of our Supported Drones and Supported Devices. If your drone or device is not listed there is no guarantee that DroneDeploy will or should work without issue with your setup.

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