Low Altitude

I am a home inspector and have been experimenting with Drone Deploy to create flight paths over a single family home to inspect the roof. The problem I have experienced is that the lowest altitude I can fly is around 65 feet and the images at this altitude are not detailed enough for my needs. Is there any way to fly lower? Say at 40 feet?

At my location there is a slope down from where I usually start the drone. If I go down to the lower spot and take off from there, then I can fly lower over my usual spot. The minimum altitude is measured from the takeoff location. So if you can lower it, you can fly lower compared to before.


Keep in mind that you do not have to create and fly a fight path using the DD app in order to upload the photos to the DD website for processing. You could just fly a manual mission and take overlapping photos and submit using the “Upload Photos” option. Even spacing is not critically important as long as you get sufficient overlap. Also, flying that low you might get better results (ie: no motion blur) by stopping to snap each photo. For a typical house roof I’m thinking that it shouldn’t require so many photos as to be prohibitively time consuming.

Also, manual flight would potentially give you more control to avoid obstacles. Keep in mind that the drone follows an automated flight path based on the onboard “consumer grade” GPS. The drones actual position might vary substantially from what you expect based on the geofence established in the DD app and, as a result, may bring you closer to obstacles than expected. In general, I am very cautious about flying any automated flight path that is lower than the highest obstacle in a given area (or even a manual flight path for that matter). The old pilot’s truism applies here: “you can’t run into it if you are flying above it.”



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Does anyone know if you can control the airspeed on a waypoint mission in DJI Go4? I was going to recommend that and the method that @StevenB suggested, but that would be a key. Typically 12pmh and a picture every 2-3 seconds provides good overlap. I myself use Litchi and everything is definable. I also set the shutter to auto 2-second intervals.

Michael, with reference to using Litchi, how do you set the shutter to 2 second intervals in a Litchi mission?

It’s the 3-bar menu underneath the shutter button. Photo Settings then Capture Settings.