Lost P4P V2 -Running Dronedeploy

Hi, unfortunately yesterday while I was trying to make my second map with DD, I lost connection with my P4P V2 , I tried with RTH but no success…and finally I lost my drone. :frowning: really bad situation. I have already sent details by email to DD support, and I hope to receive feedback…I was able to get the log and I have recorded the latest GPS data…during first walk-tour I was not able to find it…I hope to receive instructions to let me solve this problem!

Sorry to here.

Look in tree tops, bushes and hopefully there is no water in the area. Was you watching the DD app when it lost connection? To help you look in the right area? Having the last GPS should help but it could lost GPS signal and flew further away, it may not have updated but it might have shown the direction it was heading.

I hope to visit the area again next Saturday…hopefully following the lastest GPS coordinates straihgt ahead to home location or to opposite direction to the DD map’s start point I will be able to find it. Location is a big olives tree area…no water close…anyway will be tough .

About he moment I lost the connection…I was checking DD app…and applied to RTH…with confirmation by the app and not reply…in my opinion the drone lost the connection on the app a little before than the final GPS point that I got from the log files…anyway my intention is to follow a direct line from home to GPS final point and continuing straight Ahead if I can not find it…problem.is that last position is 1,5 km.away…from.home…

Good luck and keep us posted

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So one of the things that can happen with DD if a flight is interrupted (i.e. battery change) and resumed is that the drone will skip a waypoint or return to the last waypoint - so your drone could be at an adjacent waypoint.

Also, one of the mistakes I have made was to hit “home” instead of “RTH”, which immediately landed the drone… also, check your RTH settings - was it set to return to the takeoff point or to the controller?

HI Fhbcs, RTH was set to take off Location on DJI GO 4 app…also DD app confirmed than drone was returning home once activated…anyway no success…I’m waiting some details by DD/DJI but I will start the search from last GPS point to home …then last GPS straight away to opposite direction…

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Were you running DD and the DJI app at the same time? If so, the drone’s actions are basically undefined - the 2 apps can compete for control of the drone.

I started the configuration with DJI GO 4, once completed satisfactory I closed the app and moved to DD…take off with the selected project…and in the way to the start point of the map… …the surprise…

Drone found!! Oh yeah …
Last Saturday 27th April…during 3rd attempt I was able to find my P4P lost the week before…I planned the route with last GPS data and the help of google maps a issued a “rescue mission”…starting from last GPS point where connection was lost and in a close quarry there It was…just waiting from me…No damages found in drone more that the blades…the I’m quite happy…
remarks: a good GPS tracker to be purchased…Attached pics you will enjoy!21 Drone%20found2


Glad to hear you located the drone without any real damages.

It looks like it did a successful low battery landing vs dropping out of the sky.

Sure, it seems it went down slowly…but i was lucky as the location was not planned in my route…anyway I recommend to bring with you always your reflex cam and make a lot of pics… the zoom later helps a lot!!20190427_095143 20190427_095149

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You can buy a small GPS tracker that you can place on the drone that runs independent from the drone, it has its own battery. Then you can pull it up on a website and walk straight to the drone. They GPS trackers are small and don’t weigh a lot.

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Do you have anything you would recommend? I would like to put one at least on my beta drone… You never know where it’s going to go, LOL.

Let me get some info and I’ll post it here

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Here is a GPS Tracker:

This uses a monthly service to allow Active tracking.

There are others that use SIM Cards to connect to the internet to send updates.

Google: “GPS Kid Tracker” and you’ll see other options. There are a few being made for drones by pilots but they are RF style and distance may be a factor.


Thank you for the link. Glad you found the drone in one piece.

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