Lost missions on Sync

Summary of Issue:
I edited or created a few missions and flew them offline due to changed wind conditions on site. When I got back online and synced the app, I seem to have lost all new and modified missions including the completed ones, and ended up with only the ones I had previously when online. Is this normal?
Date Issue Began:
7 January 2018
Drone Model:
Mavic Pro
Mobile Device Model and OS version:
ipad mini 4, with up to date OS as of 6 Jan 2018

No, I would suggest uninstalling and reinstalling the app and also turning the mobile device off and back on to clear out possible conflicts.

Is that likely to bring back the lost missions? Or just to stop it happening again?

They should be stored in the cloud and that may bring them back.

This is still happening after resetting the ipad.
If I sync the ipad, then go and fly missions, it all gets updated with the modified and flown missions, but as soon as the ipad gets an internet connection again, it reverts to the cloud version instead of syncing the locally modified versions to the cloud.

They seem to be uploaded somewhere though, as the flight logs all appear in airdata uav.

Hi @Michael_Dufty,

To verify, are all of your apps and software up to date? By resetting the iPad, did that include uninstalling and reinstalling the app like @Gary suggested?

Keep me posted,

All software up to date. I had to reset the ipad for a probably unrelated problem. I didn’t explicitly uninstall drone deploy, but it lost all settings, log in etc.
I will try reinstalling it.

Sounds good, @Michael_Dufty. Let me know if the issue persists after you’ve tried it.