Lost Drone

I fly a Mavic Pro 2.
While on the flight path doing stand counts the camera froze and i guess there wasn’t a good connection.
Will the drone return home at this point or continue on it’s path?
Will the app make flight paths outside of my set boundries? There’s trees around, if it flies outside of my boundries without gaining altitude it could be in a number of places.
I tried email support, but they couldn’t get any information for the past two fields in my flight logs, so they called the ticket resolved at that point.

The camera freezes with the last image, the view goes black or maybe green? In theory unless there is some interference the drone should continue along the designed flight path staying within the perimeter and then return home when complete. This gets a little sketchy if it is a multi-battery mission. If the screen goes black or green then there is a complete loss of telemetry and while it should continue on the mission it is more subject to the settings in DJI Go so make sure you have it set to RTH automatically and your altitude matches your environment.

So I’m assuming you did actually lose the drone?

Yes, I lost the drone.
No green or black screen, it just froze.
Reviewing the map it looks like it could’ve set a flight path outside of my boundary.
Thank you for the feedback…
I’ve scoured the thick brush surrounding both RTH area and the outside of bounds area to no avail.

It might help to mention this is the crop report duction on the app.

? Not sure what that is. Type of flight plan really doesn’t matter but if you know about when that happened you could run the simulator and see about where it should have been on path. Crop reports are usually pretty small sample areas in comparison to mapping flights so I am surprised it would be so hard to locate when things went wrong.

Crop report “function” - sorry fat fingers.
I’ll try the simulator thank you for the recommendation.