Lost Connection and then my Phantom 4 Advanced, Help

Summary of Issue:
Today I was flying one of my mapping jobs and my phantom 4 advanced (current firmware) and it lost connection with my remote. I tried to track it, but was unsuccessful and I lost it on the site somewhere. It’s about 110 acres in rough terrain. I’ve been to the place where I lost connection and couldn’t find it there. Needless to say it never returned home. Is there any way to find the GPS coordinates of my drone after I lost connection? I have checked my DJI Flight logs and it doesn’t show anything there.

Date Issue Began:
Drone Model:
Phantom 4 Advanced
Mobile Device Model and OS version:
Moto X4 Android.
DroneDeploy App Version:

Version 2.1.94 - 2.81.0

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Was it on a typical mission? Keep searching for it waypoints down the line. I had to do this once and unfortunately I mistakenly had the DJIGo set to land instead of hover or RTH. I found it 4 waypoints down the flight plan.

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Hi @droneydronester78,

I hope you are doing well and we are really sorry to hear about your flight experience. I have sent you an email with instructions on how to collect the flight logs to see if we can find the last known location of your drone.

Please feel free to send us via email the information that you have collected from the flight plan in question so that we can further assist you.

We look forward to hearing from you.


i have the same problem.
can you send me the instruction to me?

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I found the drone a few days later with no damage, I had to retrace my steps and use my mavic air to go looking for it.

I followed the flight plan and saw where it landed.