Lost and retrieval of flight data

My business partner and I are having trouble with maintaining flight data, twice today we have lost the ability to upload flights. Each flight was carryout on Drone Deploy and initially everything down loaded without any issue.

Basically when we return home to download the data there is no download (complete mission) symbol. The missions where flown in accordance with Drone Deploy processes and showed completed mission on site at the end of each flight.

One flight out of four has been loaded successfully. We are at a lose as we have completed every flight to the letter.

How do we fix this issue. We have had to return to sites to re-do flights and this is becoming costly. Is there away this recorded and our flights be retrieved.

Can some please help.


Osprey Imagery (AU)

We flew 3 missions today. All missions were created on desktop and synced to ipad. Missions were flown. when i got back to office, to upload, there was no mission upload button on the dashboard. Only a button to edit.
This is frustrating as the data is required by client asap. We are on the business plan, would of thought paying that sort of money would enable chat support or at least a phone link of some sort.
this needs to be sorted asap dronedeploy. within 24 hrs otherwise we will be leaving your services.

Christina, we need your help.
My company has signed up to your business plan. Today we have nothing but trouble with all aspects of using drone deploy.
First. the missions were planned on desk top, synced to offline in which they showed up on our ipads to fly in the field. We successfully flew one mission out of 4. Nothing came up for the other 3, we couldn’t access flight planning from the dashboard.
We had to leave site, return to office, re plan the other 3 missions then return to fly.

We went back in afternoon, re flew in poor sunlight as we had missed our weather window.
When i returned to office to upload pictures for stitching, there is no indication that the missions have been flown and no button to upload.
We are on the business plan with drone deploy and would have thought that you would at least make someone to be available to speak with us regarding any problems.
We have been using drone deploy now for over a year and have been told by other UAV service providers to look else where. For $299 a month, we expect some help rather than going back and forth on a useless chat forum.


Please contact us asap

Hello @Heath_Adams + @Graeme_Nagle

Thanks for the feedback. I went ahead and emailed you in regards to the issues you were facing. There is a way to fly flights made online, offline on the field when you have no data connection. You can do this by saving your map offline to your mobile device (can only work on a mobile device). Not sure as to why your flights are not being registered on your dashboard. Have you tried deleting your browsing history and cache? Also, I would recommend updating to the newest version of our app. If you do not see your mission yet you have your photos from your flight, there is a way to upload your photos directly to the DroneDeploy platform. image

Please let me know if this helps and I will be more than happy to further troubleshoot.

Chat support is available to pro users and up and is accessible in the support section of the page.