Loosing precision on large area mesurements

Please help!
When I make area measurements on my map, I usually get a result in meter squared (m²), except, if the area is larger than 1000 m², then, for some reason, Drone Deploy decides to give the measurement in hectare (ha). The problem, is that I go from a two decimal point precision (0,01 m²) to a measure that is rounded to the hundreds (0,01 ha = 100 m²). That is a four order of magnitude loss in precision. My report feels like I’m just eyeballing the large areas. It looks ridiculous. Please tell me how to turn the precision back up. I can’t work with this.


Same thing happens with imperial. In construction we want to know the sqft value not the acre. There should be a toggle but right now I can’t think of anything I need to quantify in acres except for the size of the map.