Long-term Data Storage

OK we are probably running into many of the same issues as others are with regards to storage of flight images. We are trying to determine the best way to store our historical flight images and if any of you implement a purge of old flight images after a certain amount of time.

We are in the process of updating our servers and when we do the old one will be become a stand alone server for our drone work only. Until that point we need to free up some space on our projects server. Our outside IT consultant and our internal IT auditor are not in favor of cloud only storage, not my call.

We use Drone Deploy for flight planning but do most of our processing in house using P4D we also use Virtual Surveyor and CAD. All of the data for each part of the project is stored within a “Drone” folder within each project (engineering and survey firm lots of folders in each project). My concern is that if we start to move data around that any file associations (image links in P4D for example) will be broken and the projects will not open properly.

Any help or ideas would be greatly appreciated.

Cheers and happy flying.


We created a company account and email for drone@domain.com which with OneDrive came with 2TB storage. We keep about 6 months live and archive to offsite storage. OneDrive works well on a couple of fronts where it is obviously cloud storage but it is integrated with everything Office365 and everyone can be given the appropriate permissions to it.

Create a Gsuite account. Unlimited storage and only about $15 a month. I have over 12tb in the cloud.

Just get an external/internal 10 TB HDD or “rust drive” as our IT guy calls it. I archive back a couple of years but I also process with Pix4D so you need the original photos to open up projects.

Was storing on our server but just begins to take up too much space for something you are most likely not going to need again.