Long Processing Time

I setup a bunch of shots (approx 500 pictures) of an old catholic cathedral that I wanted to make a 3d image of. I began processing this on March 16th. It is not March 20th with no results. I even re-uploaded the pictures under another name on March 18th. Both are still “processing” with no results yet. Has anyone else ran in to this issue or have any suggestions?


Hey @coxchr

You might want to check in with support on this, as it should not take four days. in theory you could be pushed based on the priorities of paid users vs unpaid (as they are at the back of the queue) but that is not usually a matter of days to process 500 pix. Could be a myriad of things from upload to back end.

Scott Lashmit

I forwarded this to an engineer to take a look but it would be great if you also email support.

How would I contact support? I can’t find a way to do it in the free version. Email address?


Ah yes,

support@dronedeploy.com should help you out, they are great super helpful and fast response time. Especially as you are a prospective customer i’m sure they would be interested in hearing from you.

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Hi @coxchr - if you let us know via support which map it is, we can investigate further. Thanks for getting in touch.