Long flight plan

Hi, I have a flight plan of about 2200m. X 200m.
Drone is : P4P V2
What is the best way to split it , so I will have LOS during flight and maintain an ovrlap between flights ? It is assumed to require 3-4 flights @ 100m. altitude, (overlap 75%/70% ) GSD required is about 3-4 cm.
Which specific settings are required with the DD App ? Thx.

Is it a straight line and efficient to do with the normal lawn mower pattern? If not it might be better to use the linear app. This would allow you to draw the exact center line of the path and use your side lap settings to determine the width required. I would think at 2200m that you might split it into two flights and station yourself in the middle of each flight so that you are only 500-600m from the end of each side.

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I did a capture in june covering an area of about your size. Maybe a little longer and maybe 1000 meters in width.
I did it in two sessions and I had to… well, squeeze the expression “line of sight” to get it done.
120 meters above ground on a mountain some 900 meters above the sea level.
In the middle of the second leg i stumbeled and dig an alost perfect face plant in a water filled trench and this killed my RC. The P4P finished the job without me beeing able to control the drone.
But that’s another story…

Thx. @MichaelL and @KRWaara KRW, The area is a “banna” shape, so I assume a 2-3 flight “lawn mower” pattern can do the job, by stationing myself in the middle of each flight with 75%/70% overlap.

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