Logs save altitude in meters, not feet

Summary of Issue:
App is set to imperial units. Log header says “Aircraft Barometric Altitude (ft)” but value is in meters

Date Issue Began:

Drone Model:
Inspire 1

Mobile Device Model and OS version:
Lenovo TB-8504F Android 7.1.1

DroneDeploy App Version:

Hi @AheadAir,

Can you provide a screenshot of where you are seeing this error?


What log are you referring to? I believe all flight logs will be in meters.


Hi @AheadAir,

Thanks so much for the screenshot - it helps us to see the issue you’re describing. Can you please confirm if the logs you obtained are from the .txt files directly from DroneDeploy? I’m curious to know which file you opened in Excel to view your barometric altitude data.


It was a log file. I can’t upload it here but it was the standard .log file written by the DD app.

Still looking for an update on this?

Hi @AheadAir

Sorry for the delay looping back here. Unfortunately, the log files are set by default to metrics and it does not take into account your unit preferences in DroneDeploy’s setting. You would have to convert your altitude settings manually to reflect feet. Sorry for the inconvenience!


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