Login Logout problems

We have multiple DroneDeploy accounts for our business, a paid pro acct, a free account for my partner n another free acct for some of our Customers.

Yesterday in the field (w/weak cell phone service) we could not log out of one account and login as another.

Most times when we pressed logout on the settings page it would just stall there and not display the login page. If we then quit the app & started it again it would be signed on as before (I would expect that)

Other times we were somehow able to get the login page, then sign on as one ccount, and the app would display another accounts flights??

Ended up having to recreate the flights from scratch in the field (muy malo)

Anyone have any advise?

Hi there,

Thanks for taking the time to post in our Forum. Unfortunately, the log-in issue you cited here is a known bug that was introduced in recent app versions. Our engineering team is working to resolve the issue in future iterations. We apologize for the inconvenience in the meantime. Please keep an eye out for an update soon!

Thank you,

Can there be a Save login screen. I had an issue this weekend with no cell signal and couldn’t log in. I had to drive 5 miles to get cell signal, sign in and drive back to site.

Do you guys actually test your application in real life scenarios?

Yes, we always do our best to thoroughly test our app before rolling it out. Unfortunately, this was not a known issue when the app iteration was released and the QA team hasn’t been able to reproduce the login issue with much success. We will continue to dive deeper on this and work towards a solution for affected users.

Has this been fixed on 2.0.49? Also disconnect from the internet on your device and log off from DD and try to log in with no internet connection.

We need a store credential feature so it can store your credentials on the device it’s self. Authenticating with your server won’t work if we can’t reach your server…