Log in Offline

Hi everybody,

I have a doubt regarding the flight plannings Offline and I could not find an answer.

If I find myself in a place that I do not have data, how can I log in to the App?

I had no problem preparing a mission to be available Offline, but the problem has come when I tried to log in without data … It does not allow it.

I would appreciate receiving your advices.

Thanks in advance.

To plan a flight, you have to be online (99% sure).
If you have the area already downloaded (offline) from another flight plan, you MIGHT be able to plan using that. I haven’t tried that.

Thanks Umpire,

I have no problem with the flight plan and to save it to be used offline. The problem is that I can not log in to the app of DD if there is whether wifi nor data.

Is it possible to use the app (log in) if there is no type of connection?


Hey Gaudi,

There is an option in planning for offline access called “Make Available Offline” under the flight direction. You can download up to 10 plans at a time for use when there is no connection available.

Hi Blake,

Thank you very much.

No problem with planning and save missions for use offline.

Imagine you’re in desert. You have previously recorded in your office a mission where you have an internet connection, but now in the desert there is no internet… How do I connect, (Login), to the DD application?

Thank you very much.

You need to make sure you do not logout of DD. If you do that it will be difficult when you’re in the field. If you just don’t logout then it’ll be fine when you’re in the desert and you can just pull up your plan.

What I do is open the app when I have Wifi/Data available and just don’t close it (works on iOS and Android). It stays logged in and I can access my saved missions no problem. However that is the catch if you didn’t open it to log on it’s kind of an SOL type situation at this point. My hope is maybe a future update will fix that!

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The app should remain logged in even if you completely close it down as long as you were logged in before. Are you seeing something different?

Yes Sir if I don’t have data/wifi I am prompted to login every time, which locks me out of the ability to use offline mode. So I have just been letting it run in the background and use as needed when I go out into the field.

That’s perfect.

Thanks you very much. :slight_smile:

Does this mean that you cannot reboot your device or turn it off while traveling? Maybe that’s my problem, which would be a complete no-go for me. I tried an offline flight near home but without internet and it worked fine. Then I set up some more missions that were several hours away from me without problem and drove out into the desert to fly them. The downloaded satellite maps showed up and everything looked great. I flew a mission but I encountered the bug where no pictures are taken (actually I got 5 pictures before it quit snapping them). I rebooted and tried again. I was able to get into the app without internet but I could not get the airplane icon to start a mission.

Maybe I was doing something wrong but the app should not be so finicky and mysterious that the same procedure produces different results. As I have mentioned before, I can fly missions offline just fine with other companies’ apps, but I would prefer a one-stop solution, so please DroneDeploy, get these kinks worked out. I prefer your product to any others that I have investigated.

Hi @Blake_Mead we aren’t able to reproduce needing to log in on each launch of the app. Is there any way you can send us a video or something of this happening?

Unfortunately I can’t take a video of the incident at this time. All I can say is that the app acts like it does when you first log in. It will prompt you for your log in credentials and proceed to try and log me in but to no avail; however if you login with data and just “minimize” the app in the back ground it works fantastic. Maybe the update is funky on my iPad?

Hi there.
I have the same problem on my ipad - If I don’t have data access, I can’t open up the app to get to my off-line flights or create new ones.

In my case I usually go to an location, shout the area needed to capture and create my flights plans there on the spot, - now I can’t do this ether because of this login function. - I can’t have my ipad running all the time with the app open, - Specially when the app sometimes does not work and I have to reboot the ipad to get it to work…

so I do hope DroneDeploy does make a better off-line experience for us.

Can confirm I am having this problem in an offline location now also. It never used to be like this, something has changed. If I close the app, but leave the iPad 4 mini in sleep mode, when I go to use it offline somewhere it asks me to login, which I cannot because there is no mobile data or wifi access. I prefer not to leave apps running in the background as they do use up battery. Also it is very easy to accidentally swipe and close the app and then you cannot get back in again if you are in a remote location because of the login requirement.

If you reinstall your app completely des the issue go away? We’ve been working on this issue in our office and we aren’t able to easily reproduce it.

I had problems with this on IOS devices before. It seems that if I don’t use a passcode to “wake up” the device then it doesn’t keep me logged in to certain apps. Are you using a passcode for your tablet?

Hello everyone.

We must keep the login until we reach the flight area. It does not matter if your tablet or mobile phone goes to sleep. When you get active activate your device and enter the application. It will take you directly to scheduled or scheduled flights.
It is necessary to log in where you have data or Wi-Fi and not leave the application or turn off the device. It works for me in Android (Samsung Note 3) and in IOS (Ipad Mini 2)
Do tests, you will see how it works.

Gaudi, the problem is that this is not an option if you are going to locations, as I am, that require air travel or very long drives. Also, if your battery dies or if you have to reboot your mobile device or restart DD for any reason. We really need an option that lets you boot up your device from scratch in the field and fly a mission. There are other apps that do this, so presumably it is not beyond DD’s capacity to also do so. The additional problem I have encountered is that if a mission fails, for whatever reason, the app will not let you replay the mission without first attaching to the internet first.

I am having the same offline login required issue. I work in BC near Alaska where there is no internet. I have to leave iPad running from the time I fly out of the city until the time I arrive on site! 24 hours! Need to bring a mobile charger and plug into cigarette lighter in vehicle to keep iPad battery going. And even then, sometimes it STILL requires me to login to access my offline flights and I need to drive a few hours to find an internet signal to be able to login. Has this issue been fixed in the latest update?
(No problem creating or loading offline maps, just problems with logging in required. I am running latest firmware and last time I updated was April 27).