Log files getting truncated

The log files that dronedeploy creates close or fill up or just shut down before the flight is over.
This means We’re losing records of the battery cycles during flights. We don’t get accurate usage
reports. I have many 20-25 minute flights that are being recorded for only 2-4 minutes in the log

Hi @jalaw3,

We have an upcoming release which will improve the flight log uploads and also allow you to access them off the phone manually, if something goes wrong with the upload.

You may also install the app called AirData within DroneDeploy which can also give you logs.

All my DD flights have just recorded the first few Minutes only of 20-30 minutes flights too. Airdata plugin didn’t help and I don’t like the fact that you can’t reupload a flight if you delete it off airdata, only a one time thing. This is a huge bug in my opinion! makes the software unusable professionally at this time.

Thanks, when might that be?