Locks up on Multiple battery missions

Inspire 1, X3 camera, DD v1.4.4, iPad Air v9.2
I Closed DD app and restarted, after waiting a couple of minutes the previous arrow mission arrow did not appear. I then selected ‘offline sync’ and the arrow appeared. When I selected the previous mission arrow I saw this:

I then clicked the ‘check’ mark and was asked to ‘continue’ mission. It went through the pre-flight check and green flight button appeared, when I clicked the flight button for take off, the app froze. I had to close app to unfreeze.

After I uninstalled/reinstalled both DJI GO and DD app, I again tried a multiple battery mission without success. Everything is as prescribed up until ‘Start Mission’, when activated the app freezes. When I click on ‘X’ to cancel mission it freezes there as well. I can get out of that page with ‘New Mission’ the generic grid appears and I’m able to activate and launch at that point (on a new mission).