Lock Flight Direction

I thought about putting this in the feature request section but it is such a fundamental thing that I have decided to call it a bug.

Whenever you adjust the shape of the polyline while planning, the flight direction setting is destroyed. The “workaround” is easy enough, either never set the direction until you are absolutely sure you won’t make any adjustments to the polyline. Or, make a note of the directions and reset it to what you wanted after adjusting the polyline.

A better approach would be for the devs to give us a lock toggle that will hold the direction setting while messing with other adjustments. This must take extra effort to code because the Map Pilot devs have the same problem. Let’s see who can address it first ! :slight_smile:

Hi @Dave,

Thanks for swinging by the DroneDeploy Forum to share your thoughts. I’ve noticed an uptick in your participation in helping out others in this community and would like to thank you for being insightful and providing valuable advice to others (including me!).

In regards to your request, I’ve shared this feedback with the appropriate team but I have no news to share at this time regarding whether or not this feature will be implemented down the road. If anything changes, announcements and updates will be made accordingly.


Thank you, Christina.

I agree with the toggle because I am on the other side of the fence. I would prefer that the app optimizes the flight and I can adjust for the wind if I like. I would prefer the toggle is off by default.