Location files for non geotagged images


It would be nice if DD would allow the upload of a seperate file for image locations with non-geotagged images. I would like to use a better camera with PPK hardware to more accurately collect a location when the shutter fired improving the accuracy while reducing the need to use GCPs. I will admit I’m struggling to find a user friendly software for applying the final location to the images but a simple upload of locations would still reduce the number of steps by the end user. I understand DD is setup to allow quick mission planning, execution, and deliverables, but the accuracy of the onboard GPS, limitations of drones and cameras, and the time and cost of adding GCPs limits your customers on the degree of accuracy they can expect.

Geotag images from 3rd party cameras

Is there anyone using a drone and camera not currently in the DD list of supported devices and simply uploading the images for processing? We are currently using a P4 and for the most part it works great. However, we are looking at adding a second bird with PPK so that we can more accurately geolocate the images. There are several programs that can use a gpx or other flight log to add spatial data to images but we want to use hardware that timestamps the location when the camera fires but is separate from image file itself thus needing to edit each photo with the better data. Unless I’ve missed it, it would be great if DD allowed location files to be uploaded with images to reduce the workflow.


Hi @Dronie,

We see plenty of users use devices that aren’t on our officially supported list, but please bear in mind that just because someone else’s setup works for them, it is by no means a guarantee that it will work out for you too. Hopefully someone who has had success with the setup you’re asking about can chime in and offer advice.



Thanks for the response Christina. It’s not the setup I have a question about, it’s how DD requires images to be uploaded. All other professional software I’ve demo’d or asked about allow non geotagged images to be uploaded with a separate location file. A simple CSV or TXT file with image names and coordinates should be something you guys could add to the upload features of your program.


Hi @Dronie,

This is a common request we see here. We don’t have an app in our App Market to complete this task and it’s currently not on our roadmap but I’ll be sure to share this with our team so it’s on their radar.



Thanks again. We love DD and use it in four offices. So far it has met our needs and the processing and outputs are great. This would just provide that extra bit of flexibility that we need moving forward.


Love hearing this, @Dronie. We take our user feedback to heart and try our best to implement features and fixes so we can become a more useful and powerful tool. Hopefully these changes will come down the road so DroneDeploy can continue meeting your team’s needs.



We have a guide on pulling DJI flight logs and using the program Geosetter to geotag images that may help: https://www.mapir.camera/blogs/guide/113243910-extracting-dji-flight-logs-for-geo-tagging-survey-images