Locating Substandard Water In Mountainous Regions

Hey guys. Can DD find exact sub-standard water seep locations in a mountainous area. The SS water would be high in Iron (Fe) and possibly Manganese with a very low pH. I know you can use Lidar to locate these areas but is there a method to locate these areas using DD.
TIA. TCDrone

This is very interesting. My first thought is how wooded are the areas? Can you provide a sample lat/lon? Besides visually seeing any seepage you could identify the low areas easily with the elevation map, but unlike lidar you won’t be able to shoot through any water. Lidar can penetrate water if is at least fairly clear, but photogrammetry will suffer from the reflections. Sounds like a thermal scan would be better suited? I have had a use case for preconstruction scans to search for groundwater using thermal, but have yet to try to make a map with it. Actually one of the reasons I have wanted to get the Yuneec H520 data to work with DroneDeploy. They have a camera that shoots RGB and Thermal at the same time.